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Seeds Tell a Story of Resilliance and Shared Heritage

     We emerged from regular hunter gatherer life to start cultivating and caring for the production of fruits and veggies around 10 thousand years ago.  In that humble past we started to develop relationships with wild plants that had desirable traits our prehistoric ancestors found most attractive: protien content, taste, ability to preserve, size, regional viability, and the opportunity to save seeds in order to bring that knowledge, that heritage, into the future. 

     Today industrial agriculture with their GMO seeds, the ecological devastation of war, and the undeniable effects of climate change make saving and sharing heirloom seeds increasingly important.  OUR Gardens  believes in seed justice and seed freedom! It is our mission to bring awareness and inspire the growing and sharing of a specific category of seeds we call Peace and Unity Revival (OUR) Seeds. These seeds come from communities around the world as places that share a long agricultural history and connect us all to our shared seed heritage.  Elemental, fundamental, older than the wars and need for standing armies is our human need to grow, save, and share food produced from fertile soil.  


     Join today for free and start an OUR Garden! Whether you are growing in your own back yard, at a community garden, or a proper farm (ie. a University/College Farm) you can register that space as your Peace and Unity Revival Garden, because gardening is a revolutionary act when we grow together!


     We ask that you consider growing, saving, and sharing of seeds from your region and also save room for International seeds. .  OUR Gardens asks also that you invite friends, neighbors, and other community members (maybe a Veteran or two) into your healing garden to spread the word about OUR Seeds, pass along your gardening knowledge, and put our gloves on the ground and our collective hands in the dirt to see what we can grow together! 

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